1. Concentration/ Participation: Everyone today was into the sermon and into every ministration. I am so glad to see that many people were participating today in church. This is to show how very santifoed our hearts are and how we all rest into the miracles, signs and wonders of God. God has been absolutely amazing in transforming us to really desire HIM. To be hungry and thirst for HIM. 
  2. Children Control: I want to express great appreciation for the wonderful and beautiful bundle of joys – our little children. As compared to last week, they have been controlled to be part of the church and be blessed to be part of the ministration at the church. Well done everyone. God will continue to give us good children that will grow in wisdom and grace in Jesus’ name.
  3. Ministration: as always, everyone has been aligning themselves with the will of God. The Spiritual IQ in church today is over the roof. The sermons and choir and everyone were powerful indeed. I am so amazed that everyone is becoming an expert at what they do, however, we need constant feedback and constructive criticisms. And I am glad that we are comstantly constructively criticising ourselves so that we are improving. WELLDONE.
  4. Health and Safety: health and Safety is majorly improving in the church. Wires are taken out of harm’s way, the carpets that could trip people are out of the way. To the person responsible for maintaining, well done. As you are improving health and Safety in the church, God will add more health be Safety to you in Jesus name. Thank you very much – let us keep it up.
  5. After-Food Social: now this is what I call a proper social gathering. Wow! Who had the wonderful and beautiful initiative to bring this in? God will continue to give you wonderful and beautiful initiatives in Jesus’ name. You know? It is perfect possible for people to run home quickly without eating. Or to not come to churc at all to eat. We thank you for allowing use to give you an excellent A-star experiences of eating with us. It was fun, you are fun to have. God bless you 


  1. Punctuality: today, someone new came in and spoke to me at 10:10am about when the church starts. I had to say that we’re expecting people to be here before 10:30am. She. Ever came back. I really do appreciate with all my heart all of your hard works. And the fact that you even respond to God because Daddy God is blessing you. Please, let us rest all the more in the virtua, fruit and unction of God to come early to church. More Grace in Jesus’ name.
  2. Pre-Programme and Planning: there is a great deal of systematic programming and planning that everyone needs to be on the same page with. For example, we should have had a “programme of the day” on the whatsapp group. If anyone wants to specify on this or comment why the current way of planning is ok, please respond to this. One way or the other, we need to remember that not only are we socially individuals, but we are also socially corporate, and we need to act as a corporation too.
  3. Timing: Today is Easter. Hallelujah! God has been good to us and we wow! What a wonderful thing it is for us stay forever in the house of God and in the presence of God … we can never get enough. However, I am a great proponent of designed pluralism. That is, I like many many designed things coming together. This means that eve if we want to stay in the church forever, I desire that we time our many/pluralistic diversifications. So that even if we end at 1pm, and we want to continue in church, we can do so while moving one to the next and the next programmes. More Grace in Jesus’ name.
  4. Money Making: yes, I believe that we are all working for God. We are taking offerings and we are taking thithes too. However, we need to make money. Not because we are capitalists by intention, but because we want to reverberate the activities of “business”. Jesus called the House of God, 

my Father’s business

And the bible tells us to buy truth in the book of proverbs. But before you can buy truth, there must be someone to sell it. 

5. Children’s Department Development (CDD): I would like to propose a new project, the project is called CDD for short. I want us to invest in our children. I personally feel that there are many things out there in the world that are competing for our children – many things in our culture. Please, let us face forward and look into our future, our children are our future and let us, as a church get involved, investing and sowing Godliness and the incorruptible seed into our children. May God give us more and more children to take care of in Jesus’ name. Amen

    In psychology, there are two types of cognitive dissonance
    – heathenistic dissonance … where people act in contradictory ways detrimental to themselves
    – moral dissonance … where people act in contradictory ways detrimental to others


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    1. Punctuality: The Punctuality today was spectacular. The people that turned up today really turned up well and early. As we can see, you are taking the advantage of th  early-Grace that the Lord Jesus is blessing you with. May God always be early in your life as you have come out early in Jesus’ name. Amen 
    2. Cleanliness: it never fails to surprise me how clean the main hall of the church is. Whoever is doing this is really taking advantage of the cleaning-Grace of the Lord Jesus over their lives. I don’t know how you do it or how you find the time. Maybe you too don’t know – but God knows. And HIS favour is evident over your lives in Jesus’ name.
    3. Sunday School Teachers: the Sunday school department needs on going training and meeting. We need to sit down together and find ways in which we can meet together faithfully and continue to train ourselves up. God will help us as we do this in Jesus name. But we are going forward by HIS Grace. 
    4. Time-Keeping: wow! Is it just me or did everyone today keep to their allotted timing very accurately? Well, this will annihilate the need of a written programme if everyone knows their timing and knows when they are to go up to the pulpit for their delegated roles either for offering or announcements. Well done everyone, God will keep us timely in Jesus’ name.
    5. Participation: what a joy it is to see brethren participating and worshiping together. No one came to church today to just play (maybe except for our lovely children) … but I see people listening, worshipping, praying charismatically! Wow! We have quality people here in this church and the quantity is also increasing. God is still on the move – hallelujah!


    1. On Going Education: I am not sure regarding the how the whatsapp group of the church functions; however, I am speaking specifically regarding an ongoing education or in other words, enlightenment, about how this church strategically and systematically executes processes. This platform will give especially planted members the “hook” to be able to implement and integrate their ideas/ suggestions into the church. I believe this will improve the church.
    2. Children’s Church: I believe that even if it’s only one child. One child is infinitely important. You will not see the children sit down quietly for too long. Scientifically speaking, their heart-rate beats faster and their brain-rate fires faster than adults. I suggest that every child be taken to their departments as soon as they come I so that they can slowly be planted and integrated into the church. I don’t want them to grow up thinking that church is the place where we’re always commanding them to keep quiet. I want us to make use of their voices to be screaming hallelujah in their own children’s departments.
    3. Choir Engagement: the choir is already overflowing with a plethora of supernatural power and anointing. However, they are yet to establish a platform of operation. Surely, they may not be able to meet during the week to rehearse, however, they can find an online meeting platform to use. God will help us to improve and move forward in this regard in Jesus’ name. Amen
    4. Church Projects: we do not have a mode of systematic accountability regarding the specific display of church projects in the church. The reason I keep emphasising on this is not that we are afraid of bad eggs who could try to stop the work of God in RCCGPAL, but the allowances for us to integrate, implement and plant memebers who will choose to invest in church activities in this church.
    5. Health and Safey: yes many places in the church has been kept to health and safety standards but a few to be brought to attention. The fluorescent Tube that has not been moved on the way to the sound mixer; The cupboard on the way to the entrance door that has the “fire exit” sign above it; the wires and cables on the way to the pastor’s office; the non-functioning table on the overflow area. Please let’s keep the house of God as safe as possible. God bless us as we do so in Jesus’ name. Amen



    1. Attire: today was amazing, we see everyone gayantly dressed to impress – not to impress mere man but to impress Jesus (the lover of your souls). You all have done well by setting out this time to come on a date with Jesus. God bless you all. May lovely clothes never disappear in your wardrobes in Jesus’ name. WELLDONE
    2. Ministers Timing: Every minister ministering today were conscious of their time. They mostly did everything on point and kept to their own timing. Well done… everyone is becoming and expert at what they do. More Grace to you in Jesus’ name.
    3. Church Participation: the amount of engagement and participation to day in the church is outstanding. I see that everyone wants to eat from this church and those of you that have new planted, it shall not be the end of good things to come in your life in Jesus’ amen.
    4. Concurrent Departments: today, I saw a member of the welfare department bring in food for after-church socialising and sharing. Now we don’t have a common task management platform for member of the welfare to distribute the blessing of managing the food welfare. But the eagerness for members of the church to bless others is amazing.
    5. Effort: the level of effort that busy people are using to manage to come to church, this is really encouraging and inspiring. Wow! So you believe that God is worth it? The push and the drive to come in to church no matter how tired and busy you are. We really appreciate you. Well done 🙂 


    1. Punctuality: the Punctuality today was poor. We know we had the night Vigil the previous Friday before this Sunday so it’s understandable. However, if this was one individual, it would be understandable; but as a community of people, this should not be. Please let us endeavour to have a time management and task organising platform for all of ourselves.
    2. Children’s Department: I have noticed that we only engage the children in their departments only when there are many of them. The children are not engaging and not being engaged. Even if it’s 1 child; 1 child is infinitely valued. I believe it would be a huge point of improvement if we engage the children rather that let them run amok during Sunday school.
    3. Timer: I believe that a timer either displayed for all to see or for the minister alone to see would be advantageous. This would mean that everyone can practice at being timely and even the congregation – some of who may talk too much – may be empathetic towards helping the minister manage their time properly.
    4. Back of House: even if the church is to be sold and we move out in the worst case scenario, but we still need to uphold the principles of keeping a church. The system is very important and we need to continue to exercise this into our habit psyche-system until we can rest in the assurance that the pastor can take her mind off the Cleanliness of the church knowing that that there is rota/ people-organiser by responsible workers.
    5. Fluorescent Tube and like objects: we have decided to remove the Florescent tube posing a health and safety risk and not serving a function. We need to taken an inventory, written or spoken, of our resources and be resourceful with them. Whatever is not serving a function should be removed because it would look like a piling up of junks and this should improve the aesthetics of the church building.

    I was listening to Dr John Lennox and Dr Richard Dawkins debating at Oxford Museum of Natural History about the logical conflict between science and God and Dr Dawkins asked a question that pricked my interest.

    You see, Dr Dawkins has this postulate (assumption) that the only viable explanations of reality must migrate from the simple to the complex. Without going into that as that’s not my concentration, Their conversation went something like this:

    Dawkins: Where did God come from?

    Lennox: the question, “where did God come from?” Assumes that God came from somewhere, the Christian argument is that God is uncaused and came from no where.

    Dawkins: then how is HE an explanation of anything?

    Dr Lennox gave some answers about the uncausality and atemporality of God that I am not happy with. Hence, the reason of this post. I would have answered Dawkins in two folds

    1.) How God is logically an explanation of HIMSELF
    2.) How God is logically an explanation of a any complex mechanism

    NUMBER 2
    As for number 2… Dr Lennox repeated this point over and over and over again but upon psychoanalysis Dawkins kept showing signs of #denial. But I will say this, regarding how mechanisms are deemed.
    Mechanisms are deemed in 2 folds
    – Insufficient Mechanisms
    – Sufficient Mechanisms

    You see, in this reality, I believe that the more insufficient a mechanism is, the more rational we are in postulating that there was no personal agent behind this. But this seems to elude Dawkins as he reverberates over and over again that Natural Selection is more sufficient and it explains away the “necessity” (Dawkins never admits “totality” but just “necessity” – so he never says it’s totally explained away but “necessarily” explained away) of a personal agent causing and designing it. For example, consider the insufficiency of a random mechanism to spell out my name “ERNEST”. Well, due to its insufficiency and high tendency to failure, we can safely admit that there was no personal agent behind it. Ah! You could say, then considering the anthropic principle and Darwinian Evolutionary Theory and the high improbability of intelligent life (as we know on earth) to exist anywhere in the universe, this should indicate that reality’s mechanism does not need a personal agent.

    However, this is totally missing the picture about the probabilistic nature of reality. NOT EVERYTHING IN REALITY IS ONTOLOGICALLY INSUFFICIENT/ RANDOM

    This leads me to the second point – the sufficiency of mechanisms point MORE to personal agencies. We have constants in this universe that never change. So, like a lottery ball 🏀 rolling randomly in a big bulb. The big bulb is fixed but the balls are random – this is to introduce a principle of compatibilism to suggest that just because randomness exists, universal/ cosmic fixtures are not logically excluded. I would argue therefore that it is because we have cosmic fixture that we can actually observe the different levels of randomness in reality.

    So Dawkins wants to argue that Science possess sufficient mechanisms. I guess he’s only arguing for one branch of science but calling all of it science lol. But sufficient mechanisms don’t exclude personal agents if not, it’s more of a miracle that blind randomness created all the complications of my wristwatch which is a far cry 😭 from DNA. Sufficient mechanisms actually ontologically affirm personal agency.

    But there is something that perplexes me about SELF-SUFFICIENT-MECHANISMS such as Natural Selection as Dawkins tries to depict… the more self-sufficient the mechanism, the more of a “self” or “freewilled” or “personal agent” it becomes 😂😂😂 – doesn’t Dawkins see this and see what he’s doing/ implying?
    Dawkins would rather see God as a mechanism rather than a person but his arguments actually indicate that the self-sufficiency of the mechanism of his-science indicates that his-science is actually a person or free/self-willing-agent. Unless of course you can show me how a mechanism can be “self-sufficient” with it itself being a freewilled personal agent like us humans and the self-sufficiencies of our freewill.

    So I still believe that Dr Dawkins has not logically given us enough reasons, without resorting to a Category Error Fallacy, of how Science makes God unnecessary.

    NUMBER 1
    This brings me to number 1. How God logically explains HIMSELF. How can God be an explanation about anything? Well, I have discussed how God can be an explanation to other things but what about HIMSELF? Can God say, I exist because I exist and that’s all?well, yes. It all boils down to the arguments for freewill that we are self-cussing agents. I don’t know how many philosophers are reading this post, so lest you start arguing with me about the different models/ theories of freewill and consciousness out there, let me tell you why I, for personal reasons, believe that freewill connotes “self-causing” due to its valid and coherent extrusion into the consequence of morality. Imagine you threw a man into Jail for 30 years. Wasted 30 of his life for a crime his DNA made him to do… would you say, “we know you were not self-causing, something else caused you… but we still decided to throw you in jail and wasted 30 years of your life rather than give justice to the other thing that caused you to commit that crime”.
    This would make you more evil than the criminal. Hence, the reason, I stand by freewill existing as “self-causing”.

    So if “self-causing” is allowed to be a rational explication on earth – even in our moral justice systems – then why is it rejected by Dawkins when saying that God is an explanation of HIMSELF. The principle of “self-causing” in humans has to come from somewhere because we are finite beings who begin to exist. I believe in a God who does not “begin” to exist, so HE’S is the principle of an actually infinite self-causation – and only from this principle can we get the created effect of potentially infinite self-causing freewill personal agents like you and I.

    So with this, I end by saying that:
    GOD IS A VALID EXPLANATION, not just for anything, but for everything.


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